Update: Fall 2015 Edition

Much has happened since I last posted. Over the summer my family successfully crossed the border and settled in our new home in Toronto. Since then, we’ve been running around town, making sure all of our (and our car’s) paper work is handed in on time.


When in Canada …

It’s exciting being in a new department – meeting new scholars and students, chatting about new ideas, and exploring the institution. I’ve been happy to find that there’s plenty of energy at the Dept. of Geography and Planning and across the campus of U of T. At the moment I’m mostly acclimatizing myself to the new work environment, but as I get more comfortable I’m hope to become more involved in the various academic communities – like UTTRI and the various departments and centers concerned with health.


This fall I’ll be teaching Analytical Methods (GGR 270) and GIS for Public Health (GGR 300 … temporary code), and in the winter term I teach a new course on developing web GISystems. For the latter course we’ll be using MapBox, an open source web mapping platform that I’ve found to be quite flexible. Should be fun!

I am also looking for highly qualified masters and PhD level graduate students to apply to work with me at the University of Toronto in either Geography or Planning (same department, different degrees). Starting 2016, I want to get my lab up and running, and motivated graduate students, interested in health, transportation, and/or cities are encouraged to apply. If you’re curious if you might be a good fit, please send me an email.


I am helping out with a few conferences in 2016. First, I am organizing the second year of sessions on Mobility, Health, and the City with Jerry Shannon (University of Georgia) and Debs Ghosh (University of Connecticut) for the 2016 AAG in San Francisco. Last year, we had great turn out and very interesting presentations/discussions … we expect the same for next spring. If you have any interest in participating in these sessions, please send me an email and I’ll let you know what’s going on.

Secondly, I am co-organzing the workshops for the GIScience conference with Steve Farber, being held in Montreal in the fall of 2016. This is still a ways off, so I’m sure I’ll post more about this later on.

I will also be attending the TRB again in January and CAG in Halifax. Hope to see some of you there.



Sample space-time paths for the CCTST grant

I’m still working away at the grant awarded through CCTST at Children’s Hospital and UC on the mobility patterns of children with asthma and their parents. Things slowed down considerably due to the move, but we’re finally picking up steam again. I expect to have more on that later on in the semester.

Beyond this, my former MS student, Nate Wessel, and I published a paper on cartography and visualization for bicycle maps – this will appear in the journal Cartographic Perspectives … a link will be posted when it is up.

Many other things are under review and I’ll post more about them as they are presented/published.

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  1. goat

    Your blog is ON FLEEK Prof. W! You say poisson with an American accent which is funny and endearing lol. Keep doing you and welcome to our city!


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