Two papers accepted – Food Access/Older Adults

Two more papers were recently accepted for publication at the end of this past November.

The first article will appear in the Journal of Transport Geography, and follows up on the dynamic access to supermarkets research I published in 2013 in Health and Place. In the new paper, we examine transit commuters and find that this population sees a much greater increase in spatial accessibility to food stores than the automobile commuters in the previous paper.

Widener, Farber, Horner, Neutens (in press) Spatiotemporal accessibility to supermarkets using public transit: an interaction potential approach in Cincinnati, Ohio. Journal of Transport Geography.

The second accepted paper will appear in The Professional Geographer, and is led by Mark Horner (Florida State) and Daniel Schleith (my PhD student at UC). Using a jobs-housing spatial framework, we examine the older adult population’s ability to access employment opportunities in a number of Florida cities.

Horner, Schleith, Widener (in press) An analysis of the commuting and jobs-housing patterns of older adult workers. The Professional Geography.

I’ll repost here with links when the articles are officially available online!

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