Lazy Saturday Watching the Olympics

It’s a cold Saturday in Cincinnati, so I’m loafing around our apartment watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Because I don’t want to feel completely unproductive as I sit here sipping coffee and developing strong opinions about international women’s hockey, speed skating, and ice dancing, I made a map. Well, two maps with the same data (the number of teams each country has sent to Sochi) – but in different projections.

First we have a loximuthal projection … chosen because it looks like a frumpy egg (click image for full resolution).

olympic MAP-luximuthal

Second we have the two point equidistant world projection. It does a good job of emphasizing the (primarily western) countries with a large number of participating teams.

olympic MAP-twopointequidistant

1 thought on “Lazy Saturday Watching the Olympics

  1. Nate Wessel

    I can just picture the hen barely waking as it halfheartedly layed that egg.

    You’d think Antarctica would have this whole thing wiped! … maybe the north was just too far. I know I don’t even like to go as far north as college hill sometimes.


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