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Summer! Bikes, Papers, Travel, and other things

The semester concluded in late april, and I’ve been keeping busy. In May a grant proposal was submitted, a workshop was workshopped, two articles were sent out, and a load of revisions are beginning to be dealt with.

A few more papers will be submitted before the summer is over and I have one more conference (in Delft! more on that in a later post) – so productivity is the name of the game.

However, it wouldn’t be summer without some sort of break.

A little logo I drew up :D

A little logo I drew up 😀

From May 31 – June 6 I road the Ohio to Erie trail in reverse, so technically the Erie to Ohio trail. I was joined by a friend from college and friend/fellow geographer/Ohioan Harvey Miller.

We had a great time riding across the state – which is much more beautiful than I ever knew! Our route took us through Cleveland,  Akron, Massillon, Gambier, Mt. Vernon, Centerburg, Columbus, Yellow Springs, Xenia, Loveland, and finally Cincinnati. The majority of our ride was on separated bike paths – in fact the segments between Columbus and Cincinnati and Cleveland and Akron were particularly nice and reminded me of bike “expressways.” Nice not to have to worry about cars zipping past you…

Below you’ll see us dipping our rear tires in Lake Erie, followed by us dipping our front tires in the Ohio River.

Fun side note: Almost immediately after dipping my front tire and successfully navigating the entire ride from Cleveland to Cincinnati without any major issues (not even one flat between the three of us!), I wiped out on a riverfront rail road track. Oh well! Every good bike tour needs at least one fall!

Lake Erie tire dipping

Lake Erie tire dipping

Ohio River tire dipping

Ohio River tire dipping


Biking in Cinci – something I’ve yet to get rolling

Here’s an interesting podcast on bicycle infrastructure in Cincinnati:

I’ll admit I’ve been relatively lazy with my cycling since moving to the city. My lame … I mean “main” … excuses are:

  1. The bus.
  2. These hills are way bigger than anything I ever dealt with (admittedly I’m a flatlander … My previous homes of Memphis, Champaign-Urbana, Tallahassee, and Buffalo aren’t known for their variable elevation).
  3. I’m still learning what routes best support bike commuters.

Eventually I plan on getting back in the saddle. And maybe even getting one of those Jamis bikes I’ve been eyeing for a while.

In the meantime, I’ll continue marveling at the cyclists who so easily conquer the many hills that spot the cityscape here.