Bike Maps, TRB and Temporal Matters

A few updates:

New Cinci Bike MapThis past year, my MA student Nate W has been working on a new bicycle map for the Cincinnati metro. He’s finally received the shipment of maps, and distributed them throughout the city. For more on the map and locations where you can pick up your own free bike map, check out his page here:

Next, my PhD student Daniel S has had a great run lately, having two papers accepted for presentation at the peer-reviewed Annual Meeting of the Transportation Review Board. More can be said about this work soon, but for now – Daniel is examining how urban residents’  movements can be used to understand a city’s form and function. I’ll be excited to discuss this more when the work is officially published.

Finally, I’ve had a few papers officially come out – the one I’m most excited about is titled “When are food deserts: integrating time into research on food accessibility.” Other work that has “officially” come out include a paper on how access to supermarkets via transit in Cincinnati can be quite variable – potentially leading to uncertainty, and a paper exploring twitter’s utility as a public health surveillance tool. We got some University of Cincinnati coverage on the latter piece here:

Beyond all of these developments, I am co-organizing the upcoming 2015 AAG’s International Geospatial Health Research Symposium, and am actively involved (chairing/organizing) in sessions titled “Mobility, Health and the City”, “Spatial Epidemiology”, and “Innovative Geospatial Applications for Food and Health Research.” Shoot me an email if you’re interested in any of these!


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