Hybrid agent-based and optimization model paper published

Quick update – a new paper of mine, combining agent-based and spatial optimization methods was just officially published at the journal Transactions in GIS. You can find the early view version here:


Figure from recent Transactions in GIS article.
Figure from recent Transactions in GIS article.


To quickly describe the methodology, we used an ABM to simulate an evacuation scenario, and regularly ran spatial optimization models to redistribute disaster relief teams / emergency supplies, which in turn affected whether an agent would choose to evacuate. This resulted in an interesting feedback dynamic, documented in depth in the pdf.

A few more papers I’ve led will be hitting the “online-first” shelves in the next month or two – I’ll update the blog with more then!


Getting ready for Fall 2014

The start of the fall semester is just around the corner, and I’m busy finalizing my courses (on health/medical geography), organizing a health geography speaker series, working on a few research projects, and getting in a few more “days off”.

Cincinnati Children’s

The first event in the health geography series is confirmed for September 26 at 4pm and will feature Andy Beck, MD MPH of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Dr. Beck will be speaking about his use of GIS and spatial thinking in his research and everyday medical practice. More on this talk and the two others will be posted as things are finalized!

I also have a few new papers coming out, as well as some other interesting research projects completed with my graduate students, that’ll be ready to share very soon. Stay tuned for more!